Turkey is one of the very few countries where fruits and vegetables with high quality standards are cultivated thanks to its climatic conditions, geographical location and ecological difference favoring production. Adding its own discipline and vision to these advantageous conditions, Çekok Gıda has become the leading food company in Turkey.

At Çekok Gıda, we take our power from our own farms, because we are implementing a production model based on innovation in these farms.
The quality story of our farms, where we produce 35 varieties of fruits and 12 varieties of vegetables, begins with protection of products from harmful rays of the sun by using latest GPS technology and nature friendly irrigation techniques and application of cover system. Besides these, specially-established meteorological stations, automatic drug dosing systems and the presence of leaf and soil analysis unit reflect the quality understanding adopted by Çekok Gıda for production.

Since we believe that the satisfaction of our customers can be made possible primarily through trust, we use the ERP software system at every stage of the production process. With this system, we ensure that the consumers can follow the course of all the processes that every product they purchase go through from garden until their table.
Citrus, Greenhouse Vegetables, Pomegranate, Stone fruit
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Adapazarı / Karasu
Kiwi, Pear, Quince, Apple, Persimmon
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Apple Types, Potatoes
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