Our Mission;
"Finding, developing, keeping the best talents and supporting them to achieve our business goals"
Our vision;
"Being the best employer in the industry to offer a quality life and a good career opportunity for our employees."
Our priorities;
To employ the right people in the right way, to manage the performance with our Competency Based Evaluation Center applications, to choose the high potentials within our company, to develop the Çekok Group Leadership Competencies, to offer different career opportunities with "Career Path" application, to apply training programs that ensures the employees can reach the identified goals and develop themselves, and to maintain long-term cooperation with all our employees.
Our Performance Management System;
At Çekok, we aim to assess the performance that our employees showed to achieve their individual goals determined in accordance with company goals using a fair, systematic and measurable method, to support continuous development and to create a motivating working environment.
Our Core Values;
Behind our success as Çekok Group is a strong corporate culture and principles adopted by our employees. In this regard, we base the general policies that we prepared in order that Çekok Group employees fulfill their duties in the best way on these principles.
We provide professional environments and conditions that enable all employees to use and develop their talents and skills without discrimination.
We provide training and internship opportunities for employees to improve their skills and enhance their success.
We are promoting employees who fulfill the requirements for a higher title within the framework of their career plans.
We lay the groundwork for new ideas in an environment of mutual trust, understanding and communication and find solutions to problems.
We build systems that encourage and reward success and excellence.
We adopt the principle supporting that the first requirement for success is respect for the person and for the human dignity and we believe that Human Resource and its development are the most valuable elements for a permanent institution.
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